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Journal of Business Ethics Education

Volume 7, 2010

Jenny Mead, Regina Wentzel Wolfe, Akira Saito, Daryl Koehn
Pages 117-124

Snow Brand Milk Products (B)
Reform and Revitalization Efforts

The B case jumps ahead several years and outlines the turnaround efforts SBM undertook to address its grave missteps: shifting to a consumer-oriented, integrity-focused management style; providing greater transparency and communication; and establishing a corporate ethics committee and a Snow Brands Code of Conduct. In June 2002, after much consideration and reflection on Snow Brand’s issues (as outlined in the A case), Hiwasa joined its new board as its sole outside director, serving as the impetus for the changes the company made. Her appointment indicated SBM was indeed serious about reform and revitalization.

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