Journal of Business Ethics Education

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2004

Bruce Macfarlane, Joe DesJardins, Diannah Lowry
Pages 43-54

The Ethics of Teaching Business Ethics
A Reflective Dialogue

This paper takes the form of a reflective dialogue between three teachers of business ethics working in different continents. Originating as a conference debate, it takes as its theme the notion of ideological ‘neutrality’ and the role of the business ethics teacher. A position statement outlines an argument for ‘restraint’ as a modern day Aristotleian mean to protect student academic freedom. Two responses follow. The first of these provides a moderate advocacy position based on Socratic principles. The second response outlines the notion of teaching as a relational process necessitating delayed disclosure and moral courage on the part of the teacher. The paper concludes with a brief reflection by the author of the position statement.