International Studies in Philosophy Monograph Series


Un-Forgetting: Re-Calling Time Lost

Stephen David Ross
Pages 61-98


Into those things from which existing things have their coming into being, their passing away, too, takes place, according to what must be; for they make reparation to one another for their injustice according to the ordinance of time . . . . (Anaximander fragment; Simplicius Phys., 24, 18 [DK 12 B 1]; trans. Robinson, EGP, 34) [T]o remember and to bear witness to something that is constitutively forgotten, not only in each individual mind, but in the very thought of the West. (Lyotard, “HJ,” 141) To bear witness to the differend. (Lyotard, DPD, xiii) [I]n witnessing, one also exterminates. (I, 204) Reality is composed of the différend.