International Studies in Philosophy Monograph Series


The Gift of Self

Stephen David Ross
Pages 207-231

Shattered Self

the face summons me, calls for me, begs for me, ... calls me into question. (Levinas, EFP, 83) we are difference, ... our selves the difference of masks. (Foucault, AK, 130-1) There are no parts, moments, types, or stages of love. There is only an infinity of shatters. (Nancy, SL, 101) Only the body fulfills the concept of the words "exposition," "being exposed." And since the body is not a concept ... there is no "body." (Nancy, BP, 205) Sense is the singularity of all the singular ones, in all senses simultaneously. The originary sharing [partager] of the world is the sharing of Being, and the Being of the Dasein is nothing other than the Being of this sharing. (Nancy, SL, 103) Dasein is first of all thrown. (Derrida, EW, 269) Starting at "birth," and possibly even prior to it, being thrown re-appropriates itself or rather ex-appropriates itself in forms that are not yet those of the subject or the project. (p. 270)