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Journal of Islamic Philosophy


Volume 12 forthcoming

  • Kenan Tekin - Conception of Science in the Commentaries and Glosses on the Prolegomenon of Kātibī’s Shamsiyya

  • Safaruk Zaman Chowdhury - ‘Ivoke your Lord in humility and in Secret’ (Q. 7:55): Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzī on the efficacy of petitionary prayers

  • Ismail Lala - Perceptions of Abraham’s attempted sacrifice of Isaac in the Latin philosophical, traditional Sunni exegetical and Akbarian traditions

  • Kamal Shlbei - Sadra on Metaphysical Essentialism: The Unfolding of Existence and the Concealment of Essence

  • Adullah bin Hamid Ali - Reopening Muslim Minds [Book Review]