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International Philosophical Quarterly

Volume 54, Issue 3, September 2014

Jesse Ciccotti
Pages 297-315

The Mengzi and Moral Uncertainty
A Ruist Philosophical Treatment of Moral Luck

In this paper I will argue for a plausible account for moral luck in the Ruist tradition. In part one I will offer a preliminary framework for moral luck to establish an intersection between Ruist virtue ethics and its counterparts outside of Ruism. I will situate the term moral luck in a Ruist context. Although the term moral luck does not appear in The Mengzi (or any other Ruist document for that matter) the concept was known to Master Meng (Mengzi 孟子) and is useful for comparison with its foreign counterparts. In part two, guided by Thomas Nagle’s four categories for moral luck, I show where Ruist moral luck can be found in The Mengzi. I conclude by highlighting the contributions that Ruism offers to the broader moral luck discussion.

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