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International Philosophical Quarterly

Volume 51, Issue 2, June 2011

Eric James Morelli
Pages 137-148

Insight and the Subject

Frederick E. Crowe claims that Lonergan’s thought underwent a radical transformation after the publication of Insight. In several recent articles he argues that in the course of dealing with a problem of insight into insight and a problem of the subject as subject, Lonergan was on the verge of articulating a problem of the heteromorphism of subjectivity. I argue that Crowe’s claims depend on an uncritically selective and hermeneutically insensitive use of sources and a nest of ambiguities. By distinguishing the various senses in which Lonergan uses the terms insight into and image in Insight, I show that Lonergan’s thought did not undergo the development that Crowe claims it did. A dialectical reflection on Crowe’s arguments reveals that their ambiguity arises from Crowe’s implicit adoption of a form of cognitional atomism.

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