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Inquiry: Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines

Volume 21, Issue 4, Summer 2002

Inquiry and Critical Thinking in School-Based Problem Solving

Christine M. Bonfiglio, Edward J. Daly, III, Ruth A. Ervin
Pages 31-39

Facilitating Teacher Inquiry Through Data-Based Behavioral Consultation and Functional Assessment in a Special Education Classroom

This report describes a consultation case between a special education teacher and a school psychology student for a first grade student with a diagnosis of educable mental impairment. Adherence to data-based decision making and direct manipulation of hypothesized variables believed to be maintaining problem behaviors in the classroom revealed factors that were influencing the child’s behavior in the classroom. The teacher changed her behavior toward the student before a formal intervention plan could be developed and changes in student behavior were observed. Child outcomes were systematically measured. Also, the acceptability of the consultation process was assessed. Results are discussed in terms of the possible reactive effects to behavioral consultation and functional assessment that may occur for teachers who see solutions enlerge during data-based consultative problem solving.

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