Inquiry: Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines

Volume 26, Issue 2, Summer 2011

Claire Phillips, Susan Green
Pages 44-50

Faculty as Critical Thinkers
Challenging Assumptions

The research presented in this paper used a case study approach to concentrate on the critical thinking preparation and skill sets of professors who, in turn, were expected to develop those same skills in their students. The authors interviewed community college instructors from both academic and work force disciplines. In general, the results of the study supported the researchers’ hypothesis that the ability to teach critical thinking was not necessarily intrinsic to a teaching professional. The authors of this study would like to suggest the following as a means of strengthening critical thinking expertise in faculty: 1. Analyze current levels of critical thinking skills among faculty. 2. Plan opportunities to bolster personal critical thinking knowledge within faculty ranks and develop a common critical thinking language among faculty. 3. Assist faculty where necessary to develop new instructional models to strengthen critical thinking within their classrooms and critical thinking assessment instruments.