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Inquiry: Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines

Volume 24, Issue 3, Spring 2005

Using Case Studies to Promote Critical Thinking

Minnie N. Blackwell, WendeIl J. Rodgers, Stephenie M. Hewett
Pages 21-27

The Use of Case Studies to Instruct Qualities of Leadership in a Character Education Program

The case study method offers a hands-on inquiry based method for teaching leadership traits. With this in mind, the case study method is used to provide opportunities for middle school students to analyze a situation and the actions of the case study charactcrs and to identify leadership behaviors. The use of the case study method allows instructors to teach character education to this group of middle school students by promoting the use of critical thinking skills through small group discussions and reflections. The staff is confident by using this method that the students are able to analyze, discuss, and draw conclusions for discussions in small groups.

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