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Inquiry: Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines

Volume 24, Issue 1/2, Fall/Winter 2004/2005

Thinking Critically, Choosing Politically II

Ruben P. Viramontez Anguiano, Jessica Theis, Marco A. Chávez
Pages 33-40

The Politics of Educating Latino Children
Latino Familial and Educational Systems

The purpose of this paper is to illustrate and highlight the continued suffrage of Latino families as they have struggled to provide their children with an equal education. Through providing an overview of court cases that have directly impacted the interface between Latino families and the American educationaI system, the paper provides the reader with a historical, social and cultural understanding of the politics of educating Latino children. Moreover, this backdrop provides asound foundation for illustrating the educational and family research that has focused on Latino families and school partnerships and its impact on the politics of educattng Latino children. The authors end the paper by providing insight to the future of the Latino Intelegensia and the impIications it has for Latino families, schools and their communities

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