International Journal of Philosophical Practice

Volume 7, Issue 1, Spring 2021

Himani Chaukar
Pages 41-60

Constructing Indian Philosophical Antidotes for the Cardinal Fallacies

Philosophy in general is defined as the theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for an enriched life. Since time immemorial, many notable scholars have guided humanity towards leading a nourished and fulfilling life through their philosophical preaching and writings and were used by as benchmarks many in their day-to-day life. With the passage of time, Philosophy has taken strides and has evolved majorly to touch the human race irrespective of their caste, race, color, creed, region, etc. and is presently a major contributor for a better world. An extension of this subject is the Logic Based Therapy (LBT) which is slowly but surely is gaining grounds in today's world and is being used as a proficient tool to enhance the value of an individual's life by tackling his erroneous thoughts, also called fallacies in philosophical terms and to bring him on track towards a better existence. Hence, Logic-Based-Therapy (LBT) is fundamentally a philosophical therapy as it makes use of the philosophical wisdom from antiquity, transforming them into antidotes and ultimately using these potent antidotes to treat the cardinal fallacies. Till date, LBT has been the domain of Western philosophical antidotes but Indian philosophy also has an immense plethora of insights to offer in this area. The Sanskrit word for Philosophy is 'Darshan' which means 'Vision'. Indian Philosophy is considered as the vision of the wise and learned people and it becomes even more relevant as it embeds the potential to make our lives qualitatively better. Hence, the ultimate aim of Indian Philosophy is to be a guide for humanity and lead them towards the path of leading a 'good and meaningful life' whilst overcoming our fallacies and issues in our daily lives mainly through the preaching and writings of some great Indian philosophers. The current paper is an attempt at constructing such useful Indian Philosophical antidotes from the ideas of some of the most prominent contemporary Indian Philosophers like Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Lokamanya Tilak, Gopal Agarkar and J. Krishnamurti. The main focus being the key aspects of these philosopher's ideas that are relevant in addressing the cardinal fallacies and strengthening/promoting the corresponding transcendental virtues.