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International Journal of Applied Philosophy

Volume 26, Issue 2, Fall 2012

Shari Collins, Eric Comerford
Pages 213-230

Anonymous Sperm Donation
A Case for Genetic Heritage and Wariness for Contractual Parenthood

Anonymous sperm donation offspring often yearn for information about their biological fathers, and as they come of age that yearning increases in intensity. We first explore will and interest theory regarding this desire to know one’s heritage and argue that both theories lead to a right of the offspring to know. We then turn to the donor contract, look at the inconsistencies between donor ability to eschew parental responsibility compared to other biological fathers, and argue that there should be a procedure similar to adoption procedures, whereby sperm donors take seriously the legal severing of their parental rights and responsibilities. We conclude that the offspring have a right to their genetic heritage and call for caring reproductive technological practices that ensure children of donors this right.