International Corporate Responsibility Series

Volume 4, 2009

A Survey of International Corporate Responsibility

M. Gunawan Alif, Retno Artsanti
Pages 349-366

Nutrition for Kids Was Good for the Company
Lesson From JAPFA4Kids Nutrition Campaign

Indonesia is developing greater opportunities for CSR activities, along with some obstacles and constraints. Unlike the Western world, one of the important drivers of CSR in this country is the importance of avoiding conflict. The agribusiness company JAPFA is very keen to promote CSR activities, not only to benefit the needy, but also for the survival of the organization in a very dynamic and turbulent market. This study elaborates how the JAPFA CSR program benefited the community around the company’s strategic business unit operations, and what kind of return the company received. To give a wider perspective on CSR activities in Indonesian organizations, the study also investigates employee commitment to JAPFA, its corporate culture, and employee attitudes toward social responsibility.