International Corporate Responsibility Series

Volume 4, 2009

A Survey of International Corporate Responsibility

Daniel W. Skubik
Pages 289-304

Fethullah Gülen, Islamic Banking, and Global Finance

Fethullah Gülen, a leader of interfaith and intercultural dialogue, writes of “humanity’s vicegerency” that includes “reaping the bounties of the Earth . . . within the framework of the Creator’s orders and rules.” What might this mean for international business ethics in general, and the expansion of Islamic banking practices and global financial ethics in particular? Forthrightness and transparency are critical in the contemporary development and spread of what are nominated Islamic or shariah-compliant financial products and services. This paper seeks to explore the advantages of acceptably disparate analyses of shariah-compliance, by suggesting how a Gülen-like religion-state symphonia can evolve. The resulting arrangement of financial affairs would thus allow for real diversity in banking options for all sorts of clients, carving out a space for secular and religious-based institutions, alike, in the global marketplace.