Proceedings of the International Association for Business and Society

Volume 27, 2016

Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh Annual Meeting

Denise Kleinrichert
Pages 96-100

Social Entrepreneurship – Crossroads And Intersections

Social entrepreneurs mark a distinct business form of market enterprise. These business ventures achieve positive entrepreneurial social change for underrepresented stakeholders in uncertain markets. Markets are rarely certain. The business and society field continues to shape the narrative about what business looks like, and how it tells its story to the market, our students and fellow scholars. Social entrepreneurship is the new wave of the intersection between individual entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility (CSR) models. There are no social entrepreneurial road maps – for business development, strategy, operations, or delivery. Social entrepreneurs eschew historical profit-driven market venture models. Indifferent, profit-driven market players are contradictory to the social entrepreneurs’ mission. This paper pursues theoretical underpinnings of social entrepreneurship at the crossroads of business and society using a new narrative.