Proceedings of the International Association for Business and Society

Volume 25, 2014

Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting

Lucien Dhooge, Bruce Klaw, Anne Barraquier, John Holcomb
Pages 311-322

Globalizing the Business & Society Curriculum: Integrating Ethics, Law and Public Policy

This paper discusses both the content of a global business and society curriculum, as well as comments on course delivery. Lucien Dhooge discusses the content of his global business ethics course in three parts, including the cases he uses and has developed in health policy, safety, and human rights. Bruce Klaw addresses the unique way his course addresses the issue of global corruption, as well as how the presence of international students may enrich the course, and how study abroad might be improved. Anne Barraquier focuses on the hurdles posed to business ethics instructors in teaching both in and about China, as well as the challenges in teaching students from China. John Holcomb discusses how various frameworks of public policy and ethical analysis might be applied in teaching a global business and society course, and various content items such as competition and environmental policies, corporate governance, and crisis management.