Proceedings of the International Association for Business and Society

Volume 22, 2011

Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Annual Meeting

Cathy Driscoll
Pages 62-74

Responsible and Respectful Romance at Work
Some Additional Insights into Office Romance

Study of office romance has for the most part adopted an oversimplification of the reality of office romance and the impact that some of these relationships can have on individuals and organizations. The nature of the relationship with respect to being extramarital or not (or cheating on a committed partner or not) is an area of office romance that has been under investigated. Adopting an interpretive approach, I acknowledge the role of researcher reflexivity in the development of my understanding of office romance. I tell a story with respect to two of my own personal experiences as a third party impacted by an office romance. Some research, organizational, and ethical implications with respect to office romance are discussed.