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Proceedings of the International Association for Business and Society

Volume 10, 1999

Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Meeting

Lawrence J. Lad, Jill Rothenbueler, Sakthi Mahenthiran
Pages 673-684

Rethinking Regulatory Responsibilities in a Global Economy
Integrating Lessons from Internet Self-Regulation and Professional Attestation

This paper focuses on the emerging role of industry and professional self-regulation as a vital mechanism in the regulatory mosaic needed for the global economy. It extends previous discussions of industry and professional self-regulation by Gupta and Lad (1983), Lad (1992), and Garvin (1983), to include concepts from systems and organization design (Kridel, 1995), and governance (Williamson, 1997) and applies them to regulatory issues emerging in Internet commerce and accounting standards.

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