Proceedings of the International Association for Business and Society

Volume 10, 1999

Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Meeting

Arthur H. Shacklock
Pages 169-182

Ethical Decision Making in Human Resource Management
A Study of Human Resource Practitioners in the South Australian Public Sector

The public sector internationally has been undergoing major change in recent years. In the field of Human Resource Management these changes have involved many new challenges facing the Human Resource Practitioner (HRPs), in dealing with the substantial ethical issues which can arise. This study involved a survey of HRPs in South Australia to ascertain the degree to which ethical dilemmas had increased for them in frequency and complexity. The study also sought insights into the likely action choices that HRPs would make in handling various situations involving an ethical judgement. Further measures were taken to assess their levels of self-efficacy towards certain ethical scenarios (15 in all). Finally, a replication of the Ethical Climate Questionnaire (ECQ) developed by Victor & Cullen (1988) was included in the study.