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International Association for Business and Society (IABS)


History and Purpose

The International Association for Business and Society is a learned society devoted to research and teaching about the relationships between business, government and society. On another level IABS is a community of friends and colleagues. Founded in 1990, it has members worldwide from over one hundred universities, as well as members from various corporations and not-for-profit organizations. IABS is a multidisciplinary association which attracts scholars and executives from all the disciplines of management. Its research domain covers the various aspects of the interface between management and the social political dynamics of the surrounding society. It includes, among others, research on corporate social responsibility and performance, emerging social issues for business, business ethics, environmental affairs as well as business and government relations.


IABS sponsors a journal, Business & Society, the only peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted entirely to research, discussion, and analysis on the relationship between business and society.  IABS also organizes annual conferences, which meet in countries around the globe. Papers presented at the conference are selected through a blind review process, and published in the conference proceedings.

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