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Hume Studies


The editors welcome original analyses or interpretations of Hume’s writings and original research concerning any aspect of Hume’s life, influences, intellectual milieu, or reception. We actively solicit work concerning Hume’s contributions to, or influences on, any field of endeavor, including philosophy, history, politics, economics, psychology, and anthropology. We particularly welcome work that explores or sheds light on the contemporary relevance of Hume’s contributions and influences.

Submission Procedure

The editors encourage online submission of articles manuscripts through our editorial console at www.humesociety.org/ojs. Please register as an author and follow the instructions for authors. Current Hume Studies referees already have accounts and should not try to register again. Referees should first write to [email protected] for instructions.

Question about submission procedure should be sent to [email protected].  Paper correspondence, if necessary, may be sent to:

Amy Schmitter
Department of Philosophy
University of Alberta
2-40 Assiniboia Hallr
Edmonton, AB T6G 2E7r

Authors will receive two copies of the journal and have the opportunity to purchase additional copies at a reasonable cost. Authors are free to use material in subsequent publications written or edited by themselves provided that Hume Studies is acknowledged as the original place of publication.