Heidegger Studies

Volume 39, 2023

In memoriam Friedrich-Wilhelm von Hermann (1934-2022)

Rosa Maria Marafioti
Pages 77-104

Φρόνησις und σοφία als Wissens- und Seinsweisen
Aristoteles, Heidegger, Gadamer

Φρόνησις and σοφία, practical and theoretical knowledge, were described by Aristotle as essential for the perfection of human life and thus for achieving happiness, the supreme good. The investigation of the relationship between the “highest” virtues and between the correspondent life ideals by Heidegger and Gadamer “made” the Stagirite “talk” in the 20th century from the perspective of Heidegger’s question of Being and Gadamer’s philosophical Hermeneutics. A renewed interpretation of the πρᾶξις/θεωρία interrelation elaborated by Aristotle could contribute to the development of attitudes required to face the current challenges, and so keep on making the Stagirite’s “doctrine” fruitful for our present.