Heidegger Studies

Volume 38, 2022

Science, Dwelling, Hermeneutics, Kabbalah, and Theology

Jaka Makuc
Pages 185-205

The Aristotelian concept of τύχη: daseinanalytical perspectives

This essay tries to retrace Heidegger’s interpretation of the Aristotelian concepts of συμβεβηκὸζ, τύχη and abróparov and their role within daseinanalytic ontology. We will try to show how Heidegger manages to unify the three terms (which in Aristotelian philosophy remain distinct although related) into a single ontological concept, capable of exercising a negative function with respect to the conception of being as Anwesenheit. However, one will come to notice the lack of an effective Heideggerian thematization of the concept of τύχη, whose ontological importance for the Dasein will instead be prepared and enhanced by his student Helene Weiss.