Heidegger Studies

Volume 38, 2022

Science, Dwelling, Hermeneutics, Kabbalah, and Theology

Frank Schalow
Pages 121-138

The Origin of Being-historical Motifs in Contributions to Philosophy
The Gesture of the Earth and the Proprietorship of Dwelling

This essay examines how being-historical thinking is enacted through specific motifs, which prompts an Auseinandersetzung with the modem age of machination. The earth is one such motif that arises in Contributions to Philosophy, calling for a nuanced language to enact being-historical thinking, on the one hand, and, on the other, marking a sharp divergence from the objectifying discourse of modern science and technicity. It is shown that Heidegger’s appeal to the earth not only yields a deeper meaning of what it means to dwell in harmony with nature, but also that the proprietorship of dwelling provides a hint to reestablish the place of the political outside the rule of technicity.