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History of Communism in Europe

From the Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes and the Memory of the Romanian Exile

Dalia Báthory, Editor-in-Chief

History of Communism in Europe is a peer-reviewed yearbook open to academic inquiries with the moral sobriety, conceptual complexity, and methodological sophistication required for sustained research on totalitarianism. It is an interdisciplinary enterprise, using both raw data and a range of concepts to help explain the dynamics of particular phenomena. The editors recognize that history is polyphonic and they strive for a “fusion of horizons” in each volume. Historians focus on chronologies, philosophers study the ideological mutations of the Communist doctrinal monism, sociologists and anthropologists examine everyday life (including the interaction between majority and minority groups). All such contributions are published in HCE by Zeta Books.

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    · ISSN 2069-3206 (online) · Online access includes volume 1 (2010) to the present ·

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