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The Harvard Review of Philosophy


The Harvard Review of Philosophy publishes significant articles and interviews with major figures in contemporary philosophy. It places no restraints on the sorts of philosophy it publishes and welcomes original scholarship.

Authors may submit manuscripts by post or e-mail. Electronic submission is preferred.

    The Harvard Review of Philosophy
    c/o Philosophy Tutorial Office
    Emerson Hall 303
    Harvard University
    Cambridge, MA 02138 USA

    E-mail: [email protected].

All submissions must be in English. Manuscript pages should be double-spaced with 1" margins and 12 point font. Submitted manuscripts should be prepared for anonymous peer-review review. The author's name should only appear only on the first page of the manuscript and not in the body of the work.

The Review only published manuscripts that have not been previously published in their current form. However, the journal will consider manuscripts that have been circulated on web sites or delivered as lectures. It will also consider published texts that have been translated into English or modified substantially since first publication. When submitting a text that has been published in a previous form, please include a full citation and a complete copy of the previously published version. There is no maximum or minimum length for submissions, although the average length of accepted articles in the past has been about 7,000 words. We ask that authors refrain from submitting their manuscripts to other publications while under consideration by the Review.

The editors are flexible about citation formatting, but ask that authors use this format for references when possible:

  • BOOK (single author): Full Name [Last, First], Title of Book (City: Publisher, date), page number.

  • BOOK (edited volume): Full Name [Last, First], Title of Book, eds. Full Name and Full Name, trans. Full Name (City: Publisher, date), page number.

  • ARTICLE: Full Name [Last, First], "Title of Article," Title of Journal, Volume (Year), page numbers.

The Review reserves the right to republish all accepted submissions. This includes but is not limited to future issues of the journal, the journal's online archives, and future books that may be published by the Review. Authors retain all other rights to their submissions including the right to republish their submissions in other journals and books once the submission has appeared in the Review.

Questions about submission procedures should be directed to [email protected].