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The Harvard Review of Philosophy



Nathan Beaucage and Polina Whitehouse

Managing Editor

Justin Wong

Research Director

Manuel Yepes

Lecture Directors

Tomás Guerrero-Jaramillo
Glen Liu

Board of Editors

  • Lena Ashooh, Harvard University
  • Martino Boni Beadle, Harvard University
  • Katherine Cassese, Harvard University
  • Adrienne Chan, Harvard University
  • Emily Dial, Harvard University
  • Jordan DiGirolamo, Harvard University
  • Ryan Durando, Harvard University
  • Carson Ezell, Harvard University
  • Noemi Iten, Harvard University
  • Harold Klapper, Harvard University
  • Danny Laughary, Harvard University
  • Sam Libenson, Harvard University
  • Nicolas Medrano, Harvard University
  • Khin Oo, Harvard University
  • Shmuel Padwa, Harvard University
  • Katharine Stevens, Harvard University
  • Carter Stewart, Harvard University
  • Michael Sunmonu, Harvard University
  • Rei Yatsuhashi, Harvard University

Faculty Advisors

Jeffrey K. McDonough, Dept. of Philosophy, Harvard University
Bernhard Nickel, Dept. of Philosophy, Harvard University

Board of Trustees

  • William H. Roberts, Chairman
  • Joshua D. Harlan, Founder


The Review has one cycle of editorial review each year, occurring from early February to early March. To be eligible for review, articles must be received by the submission deadline. Authors are notified of the status of their submissions by the end of March. Article manuscripts are subject to anonymous review.

The Review typically publishes five or six articles and one or two interviews in a single annual volume. This fact does not, however, arise from any editorial limitation on the amount of material published in a given year.

The Review has no policy limiting the scope of philosophy it publishes. Much to the contrary, it has an avowed desire to publish as diverse a collection of philosophy as possible. While many of the articles the Review publishes are analytic in approach, it has recently published articles on such eclectic topics as Buddhism, Indian Philosophy, existential phenomenology, and the philosophical life.