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Filosofia Theoretica

Volume 10, Issue 2, May/August 2021

Amara Esther ChimakonamOrcid-ID
Pages 191-210

Towards a Personhood-Based Theory of Right Action
Investigating the Covid-19 Pandemic and Religious Conspiracy Theories in Africa

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in religious conspiracy theories (henceforth RCTs) in Africa, ranging from outright denial, partial acceptance to spreading misinformation about the Coronavirus. This essay will argue that RCTs pose serious challenges to Covid-19 prevention by encouraging non-compliance to Covid-19 preventive measures and refusal to take Covid-19 vaccination. It will then formulate a personhood-based theory of right action. This new theory will be teased out of Ifeanyi Menkiti's account of the normative conception of personhood and deployed here as a veritable tool for overcoming the challenges posed by RCTs in the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic in Africa.