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Filosofia Theoretica

Volume 10, Issue 2, May/August 2021

Benjamin Obeghare IzuOrcid-ID
Pages 143-157

Traditional Festivals as a Symbol of Culture in Africa
The Example of the Ovwuvwe Festival of the Abraka People

Traditional festivals have become a prominent topic of research because of their social-cultural values. The values, and beliefs of a people are demonstrated through festivals. However, thus far, limited research has been conducted on the more profound issue of the possible contribution of festivals as a cultural symbol. This study aims to portray the symbols of the Abraka people’s culture through the Ovwuvwe festival celebration. The Ovwuvwe festival was chosen as the study area, due to its rich and unique cultural heritage, with the main aim of creating an avenue in preserving and displaying the cultural heritage of the Abraka people through the Ovwuvwe festival celebration. Through participation, interviews and critical observation, this paper demonstrates the cultural symbol of the Abraka people through Ovwuvwe.