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Filosofia Theoretica

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2016

Chukwueloka S. Uduagwu
Pages 74-78

Understanding the difference between African Magic and African Science: A Conversation with Christian Emedolu

In the spirit of conversational philosophy endorsed by the Conversational School of Philosophy (CSP), I am oblige not to venerate ideas but to interrogate and scrutinize them in search of loopholes to be filled and weak points that needed to be strengthened in order to achieve what Jonathan Chimakonam calls theoretic sophistication and promote Global Expansion of Thought (GET). To promote GET in African philosophy which has to do with embedding theories and principles with cultural contents like the idea of African science but making them universally applicable, one needs to ride on the wheels of the tools of Conversational philosophy. The primary aim of this short piece is to converse with Christian Emedolu on his article “From Magic to African Experimental Science: Towards a New Paradigm" and interrogate his ideas to assess their theoretic sophistication

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