Forum Philosophicum

Volume 28, Issue 1, Spring 2023

Christian Philosophy and Its Challenges

Tymoteusz MietelskiOrcid-ID
Pages 181-195

Paolo Valori on Searching for Truth Everywhere as a Feature of Christian Philosophy

This article presents the views of Paolo Valori (1919–2003), a little known philosopher and Italian Jesuit who was one of the first scholars in Italy to deal with Husserl’s thought. Valori belonged to the so-called “second wave” of Italian phenomenology. His critical analysis of Maurice Blondel’s views, and his reflections on contemporary philosophy, led him to the conclusion that a dialogue between Christian philosophy and contemporary thought is called for. One aspect of this dialogue may be the opening up of Christian philosophy to the search for truth in the human sciences, and to various tendencies in philosophy and theology. Such an opening can be called “the search for truth everywhere.” The article presents the sources of Valori’s views and his understanding of interdisciplinary dialogue. This analysis is supplemented by a!presentation of his concept of truth, and the text ends with an example of the practical application of this approach within his conception of phenomenological ethics.