Forum Philosophicum

Volume 27, Issue 1, Spring 2022

Piotr DuchlińskiOrcid-ID, Piotr Stanisław MazurOrcid-ID
Pages 89-110

Transcendentalising Reduction
The Heuristic Role of the Phenomenological Epoché in the Metaphysics of Existential Thomism

The aim of this article is to outline the concept of transcendentalising reduction and demonstrate its role in Thomistic metaphysics. The proposed analysis puts forward an adaptive interpretation involving the application of phenomenological thinking, based on a reduction to Thomistic metaphysics via the notion of epoché. This is used to present the structure of the transcendentalising reduction, in which the epoché takes several different forms. Consistently applied, such a reduction can be expected to lead to a neutralised concept of being as the subject of metaphysics, expressed in the formula “being as being.” In conclusion, we note that the proposed interpretation opens the door to further research, in which phenomenology could be applied in the context of metaphysical studies to a greater extent than has been the case to date.