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Forum Philosophicum

Volume 16, Issue 2, Autumn 2011

Kazimierz Rynkiewicz
Pages 59-82

The virtuous Person’s Lucky Path to Success [Der Glückliche Weg zum Erfolg Eines Tugendhaften]

In this paper I seek to analyse the following question: How is it that I am able, today, to succeed in fulfilling my goals? My analysis will, I hope, demonstrate that virtues are important because they facilitate this sort of fulfilment. An examination of the classical notion of virtue is thus called for, and this in turn suggests that, at least in certain cases, virtue is connected with luck – that these two belong together. This points towards a new form of contemporary virtue ethics, whose distinctive character will be reflected in the particular significance it invests in the concepts of “qualification” and “competence”. Finally, we are led to Wittgenstein’s assertion that “The world of the happy person is other than the world of the hapless person”.

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