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Forum Philosophicum


Forum Philosophicum only accepts submissions in English.


Papers submitted for consideration in Forum Philosophicum cannot exceed 9000 words, including footnotes and bibliography. They should be preceded by an abstract not exceeding 250 words.

Longer Studies

Forum Philosophicum accepts longer studies that take the form of two interconnected papers. Neither of those papers may exceed 9000 words. Each paper should be readable separately, contain its own bibliography, and be preceded by an abstract. The abstract should refer to the other part of the cycle. The cycle of papers will be reviewed as a whole, but published across consecutive issues of Forum.


Papers specifically discussing positions adopted and explored in other articles published in Forum are accepted and reviewed along similar lines to all other papers. Before publication, the submission having been accepted, the author whose theses are discussed will be contacted and invited to write a response of 2500 words in length.

Book Reviews

Publishers wishing their book to be reviewed in Forum Philosophicum are kindly asked to send a copy of the book to the Editors. This copy will be offered to potential reviewers.

Submission Address

Manuscripts should be submitted via e-mail to the following address: [email protected].

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