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Environment, Space, Place

Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring 2012

Phillip J. Nelson
Pages 79-105
DOI: 10.7761/ESP.4.1.79

The Art of Sailing
An Exploration of Memory, Imagination, and Place

Edward S. Casey offers a phenomenology of memory and imagination in his book Spirit and Soul, which provides a unique opportunity for thinking about the very ethereal and aqueous activity of sailing. Imagination and memory are as much a part of everyday life as most forms of mentation; but sailing, as much as it is a physical activity, is just as much a suitable analogy for engaging with these particular psychic forms. In their collaboration, memory and imagination are a means for balancing the sails with the wind just as much as they provide equilibrium to the temporal expanse of conscious unification. But perhaps most importantly, in their spiritual and soulful employment, imagination and memory provide a place and a home for dwelling and sailing.

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