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Environment, Space, Place


Founding Editor

Gary Backhaus - IASESP


  • C. Patrick Heidkamp - Southern Connecticut State University
  • Troy R. E. Paddock - Southern Connecticut State University
  • Christine M. Petto - Southern Connecticut State University

Advisory Board

Lester Embree - Florida Atlantic University
Peter Nekola - Pratt Institute
Chris Philo - University of Glasgow
George Psathas - Boston University

Review Editors

Derek Shanahan - Millersville University

Editorial Board

Susan Allen - California Institute for the Arts
Linda Ardito - Dowling College
Charlie Hailey - University of Florida
Chris Lukinbeal - Arizona State University
Glen A. Mazis - Penn State, Harrisburg
John Murungi - Towson University
Roger Paden - George Mason University
Derek Shanahan - Millersville University
Hwa Yol Jung - Moravia College
Alex Zukas - National University

International Editorial Board

Sven Arntzen - Telemark University, Norway
Keith D. Lilley - Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland
Wolfgang Luutz - University of Leipzig, Germany
John A. Scott - Memorial University, Canada
Mark J. Smith - Open University, Great Britain
Dennis Wood - Edith Cowan University, Australia

Editorial Team
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