Cover of Environment, Space, Place

Environment, Space, Place


The purpose of this association and its conferences is to foster interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary dialogue concerning the nature of place/space and the geographical moment of experience.

Conference Intentions and Design

  • The conferences are intended to provide a crossdisciplinary venue for researchers to present their work and to be exposed to the many ways to investigate geographical themes.

  • The conferences are also designed to provide the occasion for informal conversations amongst the participants in order to foster creative fecundity and future projects.

  • The conferences are open to all scholars, professionals, activists, and anyone who has something to contribute to our research of the placial/spatial features of the world and experience.

Encouragements of the Association

  • The association encourages transdisciplinarians to develop their thought concerning place/space and to bring their reflective thought to specific cases, empirical phenomena, and practical problems.

  • The association encourages transdisciplinarians to raise questions and to uncover deeper issues (ethical, axiological, epistemological, ontological, and methodological) concerning their areas of expertise and the specific locales that they investigate.

  • The association encourages transdisciplinarians to focus upon the geographical component of the phenomena about which they are interested. And, they are encouraged to conduct their research in a philosophical manner by raising questions and by remaining critical towards all received notions and information.

More information is available at the IASESP website.