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Epistemology & Philosophy of Science

Volume 56, Issue 4, 2019

Nadezhda A. Kasavina
Pages 251-259

Digitalization as a Subject Matter of Interdisciplinary Studies

The article provides an overview of the publications of the journal “The Digital Scholar: Philosopher's Lab” on one of its core areas – the problem of the digitalization in society and culture and its reflection in the social sciences and humanities. The authors emphasize a distinct change in the human culture and social space manifested in restructuring of thinking, perception, communication, language, living space, and socialization. These changes are perceived as cultural challenges arising under the influence of information and communication technologies. The journal addresses a wide range of issues: an ambivalence of mass-media; a change of communicative rationality; mediarationality; the “architecture” of Internet communication, the phenomenon of visualization, digital text, information protection, gamification, the humanitarian expertise and ethical issues of the future of man and society. The authors express solidarity in that new information technologies deserve a critical assessment of the socio-humanitarian consequences of their development and require an interdisciplinary thinking in terms of new philosophical and humanitarian alternatives.

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