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Epistemology & Philosophy of Science

Volume 55, Issue 3, 2018

William T. Lynch
Pages 57-61

The Challenge to Consensus
The Relevance of the Lakatos-Feyerabend Debate for Contemporary Science and Technology Studies

Responding to comments on “Imre Lakatos and the Inexhaustible Atom: The Hidden Marxist Roots of History and Philosophy of Science,” an argument is made for reviving a missed opportunity for integrating sociological and normative approaches to science. Lakatos’ mature philosophy of science, though jettisoning a political commitment to Marxism, retains a dialectical approach developed during his Hungarian career. Through his carefully crafted debate with Feyerabend, Lakatos continued to promote a dialectical approach that offers a useful model for integrating the history of science and normative assessments focused on the viability of approaches that challenge dominant perspectives.

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