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Epistemology & Philosophy of Science

Volume 55, Issue 1, 2018

Petr S. Kusliy, Ekaterina V. Vostrikova
Pages 99-119

Money for science
social-economical problems of funding scientific research

The paper presents a survey of issues that are being currently studied as part of the research project called “Science and eco­nomics”. By discussing a number of leading articles the authors illustrate the main directions in which the research of the issues of financing science proceeds today. Among these directions are the consequences of the growing impact of private and corpo­rate financing of science. Some negative trends associated with this impact are exposed, such as manipulation of research re­sults and others. Another aspect is the ethos of a scientist that undergoes various transformations when pragmatic factors en­ter into the mix of criteria according to which the professional status of a scientist is determined.Two important organizational aspects of the contemporary institution of science are also criti­cally discussed. They are the system of research grants and the process of peer-review. Each of the aspects reveals its shortcom­ings which are argued to be inevitable consequences of the im­pact of economics on science. The authors argue that contempo­rary investigations of science and economics reveal the influence that the economic organization of a society has on the scientific results produced by those who are responsible for them inside that society.

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