Environmental Philosophy

Volume 19, Issue 2, Fall 2022

A Planetary Imagination: Responses to Chakrabarty’s Socio-Natural Historiography

Julia D. GibsonOrcid-ID
Pages 141-162

Holographic Ethics for Intergenerational Justice
Planetary Politics through the Prism

Building off Manulani Aluli-Meyer’s theory of holographic epistemology, this article explores how our understanding of intergenerational justice shifts when informed by relational interspecies ethics and nonlinear temporalities. Both intergenerational and interspecies ethics are greatly enriched if the dead, the living, and those yet-to-be are not (only) distinct generations of beings along a linear sequence but coexistent facets of every being. The second focal point of this article concerns what holographic epistemology reveals about Dipesh Chakrabarty’s notion of the planetary. Ultimately, the article argues that holographic intergenerational ethics highlight the need for a third earthly domain beyond the planet and the globe.