Environmental Philosophy

Volume 17, Issue 1, Spring 2020

Climate Change and the Task of Thinking

Eduardo Mendieta
Pages 125-141

Anthropocenic Temporalities
The Time of the End and the End of Time

The Anthropocene must also be seen as the convergence of the historicization of nature and human historicity, not simply metaphorically, but factually. As historical time is injected in nature (which putatively was beyond historical time) through anthropogenesis, resulting in our having to see nature as a product of a historical process, our understanding of time is being transformed. The Anthropocene must be understood as a temporalization of time tout court. The key concern is what could be called an Anthropocenic matrix of intelligibility and its corresponding image of Anthropos. In the time of the end of time and the time of the end, the new image of humanity is that of a destroyer of world(s).