Environmental Philosophy

Volume 16, Issue 2, Fall 2019

Marjolein Oele
Pages 291-317

E-Co-Affectivity Beyond the Anthropocene
Rethinking the Role of Soil to Imagine a New “Us”

Following Isabelle Stengers’s call that the anthropocene should make us feel and think differently, this paper focuses on the human task to shift its affective response. Since Stengers calls for a new “us” that seeks to participate in an entanglement, I propose to explore the material and ontogenetic functions of soil, and specifically soil pores, in reimagining a new form of e-co-affectivity. A new e-co-affective response would emphasize the usually hidden fluidity and diachronic time of pores, and, in doing so, cultivate an epistemic and aesthetic sensitivity, deceleration, and percolation.