Environmental Philosophy

Volume 15, Issue 2, Fall 2018

Valentina Gamberi, Lucia Zaietta
Pages 275-294

An Anthropomorphic Dilemma
A Phenomenological Insight into the Human/Non-Human Symbiosis

Can we really transcend our own human point of view in approaching the non-human? Rather than confining anthropomorphism in the field of the superstitious or identifying it with anthropocentrism, we propose a “weak” anthropomorphism. By adopting phenomenology as methodology, particularly Merleau-Ponty’s notions of corporeity and flesh, we suggest that anthropomorphism is the result of a shared bodily perception: first of all, we are-in-the-world. What we have is not a divide between the human and the non-human, but rather a blurred and fuzzy compound of human and non-human features, where the wild coincides with this symbiotic unit.