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Environmental Ethics

Volume 34, Issue 4, Winter 2012

South American Environmental Philosophy

Maria Luisa Eschenhagen
Pages 423-429

Approaches to Enrique Leff’s Environmental Thought
A Challenge and a Venture that Enriches the Meaning of Life

Enrique Leff holds that the profound causes of the environmental crisis are founded in dominant ways of knowing; that is to say, the crisis is rooted in the epistemological bases of modernity. Leff has systematically dedicated himself to proposing and constructing concepts that deconstruct modern suppositions, and at the same time, enable new ways of understanding and apprehending the world. His extensive work has succeeded in transcending and forging space for environmental thought, not only in education and environmental philosophy, but also in the areas of economics, sociology, and development. His central argument is that these problems are the result of a crisis of civilization, and he urges all of us to rethink the foundations of modern rationality underlying contemporary global society.

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