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Essays in Philosophy

Volume 19, Issue 1, January 2018

Latin American Feminist Philosophy: Theory Meets Praxis

Stephanie Rivera Berruz
Pages 17-34

Writing to be Heard
Recovering the Philosophy of Luisa Capetillo

Luisa Capetillo (1829-1922) has been heralded as the first feminist writer of Puerto Rico. She authored four books and embodied her emancipatory philosophical commitments, but has received scant philosophical attention. In this paper I recover the philosophy of Capetillo as part of a Latin American and Caribbean philosophical tradition centered on radical praxis places sexuality at the centerfold of class politics. At the intersection between gender equity and class emancipation Capetillo advocated for the liberatory possibilities of education, which served as the key to unlearning the social norms that engendered the marginalization of working people and working women.