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SPECIAL ISSUE: "New Currents in Environmental Virtue Ethics"

Issue Date: June 2024

Submission Deadline: October 1, 2023

General Editor: Ramona Ilea - Pacific University

Issue Editor: Benjamin Hole - College of Lake County

The journal is currently accepting submissions for a special issue called “New Currents in Environmental Virtue Ethics.” For this issue, we are seeking new work in environmental virtue ethics (EVE), broadly construed. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ethical adaptation to climate change: adapting our conceptions of moral virtues and human flourishing to the challenge of climate change
  • Resilience to climate change
  • Radical hope and climate change
  • Human flourishing and human development
  • Ethical vices and environmental problems
  • Moral psychology of environmental virtues
  • The role of the environment in human flourishing
  • Applied virtue ethics to specific environmental challenges
  • EVE and animal ethics, e.g., virtue-based “ethical veganism” and “virtuous omnivorism”
  • EVE and moral standing
  • EVE, individualism, and holism
  • EVE for collectives (e.g., nation-states, generations, species)
  • EVE, politics, and collective action
  • EVE and environmental aesthetics
  • EVE and ecofeminism
  • EVE and environmental pedagogy
  • EVE and the capabilities approach
  • EVE and geo-engineering
  • EVE and ecological restoration
  • EVE, environmental migration, and immigration
  • EVE and climate justice
  • EVE and climate activism
  • Historical approaches to EVE
  • Theoretical frameworks for EVE
  • Problems with EVE
  • EVE versus other approaches
  • Is EVE anthropocentric?
  • Is EVE action-guiding?

All submissions should be sent via email to the General Editor, Ramona Ilea, at: [email protected].

For formatting details please see the journal's Submission Guidelines.

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