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Volume 6, 2017

Ethics and Justice / Éthique et justice

Peter Kemp
Pages 13-21
DOI: 10.5840/ecoethica201763

Justice dans un monde de violence.
Sur la gouvernance mondiale selon la rose des vents

The question is: how shall we conceive the idea of justice in the world of violence of our time? It takes up the old symbol of justice: the scales that symbolise an equilibrium between different ambitions. The author traces this idea in Western philosophy since Plato and Aristotle through Kant to Rawls, Ricoeur and Delmas-Marty for whom it becomes the symbol of global justice. By using the wind rose as another symbol, Delmas-Marty expresses the ethical necessity of a global justice between the philosophical, legal, social and political ambitions that blow across our whole world. All these winds have their rights in globalization, but none of them have the right to dominate the others.

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