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Volume 2, 2012

The New World Order / Le Nouvel Ordre du Monde

Flavia Stara
Pages 147-157

For a Sustainalibility of Ethics
— A political vision for Education —

The considerations formulated in this paper focus on the concept of reinforcement of that system of resources and values which assures the synchrony between individual behaviour and common good. In contemporary society, within an healthy environment, the right to development should be based both on an educational philosophical ground and on a teleological factor: the autonomy of judgement as well as the process of knowledge make the subject able of correlation, solidarity, capable to recognize her/his competence as a valid resource to compete in the configuration of a policy of social protection. [...] The hypothesis of sustainability of ethics is strengthened by an ethic of education, which can be identified through the production of new experiences of commitment, a sustainable practice where each change is perceived as an interior act, as an act of individual will that can be transformed in collective responsibility.

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